May 5 • 43M

Argyle rainbow cheese baby goat bourbon barrels

A little bit of everything

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Kelly Maher
Mary Katharine Ham
Mary Katharine Ham and Kelly Maher are nationally-recognized politicos who don't want to talk about politics here. Instead, join them to explore their passions - urban farming, motherhood, education, food, and friendship. This lighthearted and often rabbit-holey update on what really matters in life will make you feel like you've got two new smart and weird Mom-friends with some interesting hobbies.
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Hi Friends! If you’re seeing this elsewhere, you can see the show notes with pics on Substack -

Mary Katharine Ham’s substack can be found here:

Kelly’s substack can be found here:

Lemony Moon Pie getting her first kiss from her son:

Rainbow cheese:

Mary Katharine sits on the board of the Travis Manion Foundation, find their important work here:

Mary Katharine references this article about White Oak and bourbon barrels from Whiskey Raiders.

Here is Kelly’s insanely irrational bucket/planter project:

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